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Cumberbatch, Sherlock
So, I've got some tasks that I really need to start, such as my Sherlock retelling FanFiction, many other FanFiction updates, making some more icons, doing some art coursework (an acryllic painting), and writing an MPSRE essay about families.

Problem is, I'm a procrastinator. I can't help it - it's partly due to laziness, partly because the internet has distracting content, but mostly due to my horrible fear of failure.

I think that it comes with the perfectionism [of sorts] that I have - I just don't ever want to start something because I'm too scared that it will be a complete disaster.

It is half-term though, so I might get around to doing some of it...if I have nothing else to do, I'll just have to force myself to do some work...


P.S: The new series of Being Human has started, and that is taking up my Sunday evenings; Whitechapel is on Monday evenings, and Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy is on Thursday evenings [all of which are brilliant, but take up time].

P.P.S: I've started to use my tumblr more, so if you want to find me on there, I'm JessiicaFox. I'd link, but...I'm lazy :) It's mostly Sherlock/Doctor Who/Being Human/Benedict Cumberbatch or other random stuff...


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